Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesdays with...the Avett Brothers

I can't actually remember how exactly I fell in love with The Avett Brothers - but isn't that what's great about love?  The concrete details don't matter - it's how you feel (but to be fair, some vain memory of hearing their album in LA and then spotting it in the car of a boy I was dating).  It had been a long time since I heard such sincere and simply beautiful music until the Avett Brothers came into my life.  Their music is pure emotion, which is no surprise since the first album of their's I heard was called Emotionalism.  A little folky, bluegrassy and wholly lovely, I want to move into their world.  Visions of a simple farm life where love is the goal, character is worth a lot, sentiment is found everyday.  When their first big label album I And Love And You came on the scene, it was so good it hurt.  And it seemed like the whole world took notice (I spotted their album being sold in a STARBUCKS).  I will be seeing them for the third time this summer at the Newport Folk Festival and couldn't be more excited.  Not only are their shows already energized, infectious and surreal, but to dance in the summer sun with people whom also love them is going to be pure joy.  Enjoy some shots of concerts I've been to and one of the songs that inspires me the most, "Salvation Song."

"We came for salvation, we came for family, we came for all that's good, that's how we'll walk away..."

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  1. I remember listening to "I And Love And You" for the first time. Actually, more importantly, I remember exactly how I felt when I listened to it for the first time - an indescribable energy just swept over me. It's not every day music can touch you like that.